Back Injury Risk - Analysis & Report

Back Injury Risk - Analysis & Report

In your Back Injury Risk report we'll assess all the critical areas of your technique shown to increase stress on the lower back such as load up, back foot setup position, trunk counter-rotation, lateral flexion and stiffness parameters.


You'll get a full report showing your high risk areas and the minimum viable changes that will help reduce your risk of injury. We place an emphasis on individuality and maximizing your natural bowling action when conducting the analysis.

Shoot your video in HD sports shutter mode from the front (4 deliveries), rear (4 deliveries) and open side (5 deliveries; a modern smart phone will do), send us the video files and we'll look after the rest. You'll get your report within 3-5 business days.


    Pace Doctor will use your supplied video to analyse your bowling action. When being filmed it is important the camera remains still and the bowler wears clothing that enables the legs, shoulders and arms to be clearly visible. Close fitting shorts and a singlet are ideal. Please ensure you download, read and follow the filming instructions here before filming the bowler.


    If you are dis-satisfied with the Pace Doctor service please contact us to highlight the issue and we will make every endeavour to rectify any errors or omissions we have made. Please note that the quality of the video supplied by you is fundamental to the quality of the analysis and report. We will notify you if the video is not of sufficient quality for a meaningful analysis.


    To submit your video please enure you follow the Pace Doctor filming guidelines, which are available for download here. Once you have your video files captured please submit them to us through the file upload function on the members page.


    Before you film it is really important you read the filming guidelines. Pace Doctor can not analyse your videos for a bowling action analysis if you don't provide video of the necessary quality. This is really IMPORTANT.

    You can download the filming guidelines here.