Analysis Services

Pace Doctor provides 5 analysis services and reports designed for fast and spin bowlers with different needs.
All are suitable for females and males, and bowlers should bowl at match intensity when being filmed.
Check out the different analysis services below and you can order the one for you in the Pace Doctor Shop.
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The Club Quick

This analysis and report is designed specifically for junior and senior fast bowlers playing local club cricket. Its particularly suited for male or female early teenagers showing a keen interest and basic skill levels. Its the great all-rounder analysing performance and injury factors. 


The analysis will take a general broad assessment of your bowling action. We'll assess your efficiency, momentum and alignment with a view to achieving more consistent speed and control.


We'll also check for an obvious illegal action and for any major characteristics linked to back injury (e.g. excessive counter-rotation or lateral flexion). This is particularly important for young teenage bowlers as research has linked some bowling action features to lumbar spine stress fractures in adolescent years.

This analysis is also a great cost effective option for the senior club fast bowler who would like a "tune-up" of their action and get a clearer picture of areas to improve performance.

Film your bowling action from the front (3 deliveries) and the open side (3 deliveries) in HD and sport shutter modes (a modern smart phone will do) upload your videos and we'll do the rest. You'll have your Junior & Club Quick report within 2-3 business days.

The Club Quick - analysis & report - $249

With optional video debrief - $349

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Swing The Ball

When a fast bowler swings the ball it makes things tough for batters. Other than your pace, it is one of the most potent weapons you can have.

Our Swing The Ball report will assess your bowling action and look at the cause and effects for the ball to leave the hand with the right orientation.


Once the ball leaves the hand, aerodynamics, the ball surfaces and the seam do the work, so long as your action has done the work first! We'll thoroughly analyse your bowling action to make sure you give yourself the best chance to swing the ball using conventional and reverse swing.

Shoot your video in HD and sports mode (a modern smart phone will do) from the front and open side, send us the video and we will do the rest. You'll have your report within 3-5 business days.

Swing The Ball - analysis and report: $299

With optional video debrief: $399

Bowl Faster

"An out-and-out fast bowler is one of the great sights in cricket"

James Anderson

One of the great weapons of the fast bowler is pace. It compresses time and increases the need for precision from the batter. Not all of us can be express, but an 'extra yard' while maintaining your control and swing never hurts!

 In your Bowl Faster report we'll look at the biomechanics of your run -up and delivery stride, calculate your ball speed and show you where you can gain that extra yard.


Film your bowling from the front (2 deliveries) and the closed side (8 deliveries) in HD and sport shutter (a modern smart phone will do), send it through and we'll do the rest. You'll have your report within 3-5 business days.

Bowl Faster - analysis & report: $399

With optional video debrief: $499

Back Pain & Injury

Back injuries are a notorious problem for the cricket fast bowler. Research over 30 years has linked a number of technique, workload and physical factors to an increased risk of back injury.


We use research evidence and best practice to assess your action. In your Back Injury Risk report we'll assess all the critical areas of your technique shown to increase stress on the lower back such as load up, back foot setup position, trunk counter-rotation, lateral flexion and stiffness parameters.


You'll get a full report showing your high risk areas and the minimum viable changes that will help reduce your risk of injury. We place an emphasis on individuality and maximizing your natural bowling action when conducting the analysis and making any recommendations.

Shoot your video in HD sports shutter mode from the front (5 deliveries) and side (5 deliveries), upload your videos and we'll look after the rest. You'll get your report within 3-5 business days.

Back Injury Risk - analysis and report: $399

With optional video debrief: $499

Olly Stone Del Stride _108227314_ostone.
Illegal Action
For spinners and quicks

The ugly duckling of our work, but unfortunately necessary. Often quite a stressful time in a cricketers life, its never enjoyable to have a "doubtful" bowling action, for the bowler, coaches, parents or team mates.


We know the illegal action law and it's biomechanics intimately, with Pace Doctor's founder Dr. Marc Portus being involved with the original research to introduce the ICC's 15 degree tolerance threshold for elbow extension. 


Our analysis will be strictly confidential, cost effective and provide you with the clarity you need. Full 3-D biomechanical analyses can be expensive and hard to get, so this is a great first step, and maybe the only step you need. 


Film your action from the front (6 deliveries) and open side (6 deliveries) with a video camera or smartphone with the HD and sports features on and send the files through. For this analysis the filming guidelines are important, so please follow them.


In your Illegal Action report we'll make an informed and evidence based judgement on your action legality and if necessary, provide strategies to fix it.

This analysis is available for spin bowlers and fast bowlers and includes a report and video debrief. Appropriate for junior cricketers through to international players.


Illegal Action - analysis & report: $549

Includes 30 minute video debrief

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This is the big one. We will analyse your bowling action for all of the following factors:

1. Back Injury Risk 

2. Bowl Faster 

3. Swing The Ball 

You'll get a comprehensive, evidence based and best practice assessment of your bowling action so you can get the complete picture of how you bowl and why.


Based on your bowling action we'll recommend the right skills and drills to take your bowling to the next level. Included in the package is a 1 hour video debrief with Pace Doctor to explain results and discuss your next steps.


This is the ultimate performance package for elite and developing high performance fast bowlers and great value when bundled together like this. Separately these reports come to $1097, but when bundled together save $200.

The HP Quick - $897

Don't want the full package of the 'HP Quick' but want more than one type of bowling action analysis?

Easy, just select one of the bundled options in the shop and you get 10% off.

The HP Quick