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Fast Bowling Coaching & Mentoring with T.A. Sekar

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Pace Doctor provides 3 tiers of exclusive coaching and mentoring for fast bowlers and/or their coaches in Asia. 

World renowned pace bowling coach T.A. Sekar ("Shaker"), former international fast bowler for India and 20 year Head Coach of the MRF Pace Foundation in Chennai, can provide a wealth of knowledge and know-how to help fast bowlers take their game to the next level.
Shaker has a long history of working in international cricket. He worked alongside Dennis Lillee for 20 years coaching fast bowlers from around the world, and is now the Chief Talent Scout for the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL).
He is passionate about the art of fast bowling and takes a special interest in how the latest sport science and medicine can help fast bowlers bowl better. T.A. Sekar can provide insights and guidance into all aspects of your bowling technique, your tactical development for the short and long forms of the game, and preparing for the ever changing demands of modern cricket.
Whether you are a junior cricketer, a senior cricketer or a first class fast bowler, T.A. Sekar can help you become a better fast bowler. Check out how you can access his world class expertise below.
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TAS Three Pack
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This is a great package to sort out where you are going with your fast bowling career. You'll connect with T.A. Sekar over three online Zoom sessions to discuss your fast bowling and what you need to do to take your game to the next level. The three pack will be tailored to your needs in your discussions with T.A. Sekar. 

In your 3 monthly Zoom sessions you will discuss:

  • your goals and challenges

  • your bowling results

  • developing your bowling tactics for different batters/formats

  • any technical or performance issues (e.g. control, swing, economy, wicket taking)

Price: ~12,000 Indian Rupees ($AUD220)

What you get: Access to world class fast bowling expertise through three personal online coaching & mentoring sessions with T.A. Sekar 

TAS Ten Pack
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This is for the serious fast bowler looking for world class coaching and mentoring as you progress through your fast bowling journey. Over a 12 month period you'll connect with T.A. Sekar on a monthly basis (approximately) for 10 online Zoom sessions to discuss your fast bowling approach, review your performances and discuss how you prepare, recover and improve over the course of up to 1 year.   

In your ten Zoom sessions you will:

  • review and establish your goals,

  • discuss your bowling results,

  • develop / review your bowling tactics for different batters / formats

  • address any performance issues (e.g. control, swing, economy, wicket taking)

  • review your bowling action to determine if anything is holding you back

  • discuss and develop your mental approach to fast bowling


Price: ~24,000 Indian Rupees (AUD$450)

What you get: 10 personal online sessions mentoring from T.A. for up to a 1 year period. You can use the 10 sessions faster if you wish and with T.A. Sekar's agreement.

TAS High Performance Pack
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This package is for the fast bowler who wants to go all the way and leave no stone unturned. T.A. Sekar will be your personal coach and mentor for 12 months. There are 2 parts to this ultimate high performance analysis, coaching and mentoring package.


1. The 10 session mentoring package as per the 10 Pack with Shaker outlined above.

2. Technique Analysis & Report where you get your bowling action analysed by Australian Biomechanist Dr Marc Portus (this analysis alone normally retails for ~13,000 Indian Rupees /$249 AUD in Australia).


The point of difference with this package is you get an evidence based evaluation of your technique that Shaker uses to help complement the tactical, technical and mental aspects of your fast bowling that he helps you develop.


High Performance Package Price:


~33,000 Indian Rupees (AUD$600)

What you get:

  • Club Quick Technique Analysis & Report by Dr Marc Portus

  • Ten online sessions mentoring from T.A. Sekar over 12 months (can be used quicker if you wish)

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