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Bowl Faster

How can I bowl faster? It's a question a lot of young fast bowlers ask. The short answer is a lot of hard work.


Often, bowlers will increase pace through natural growth and development, which results in increased strength, speed and longer limbs (and therefore longer levers). Sounds obvious and also doesn't sound that helpful when all you want to do is do whatever it takes to bowl faster this week or next season.


Luckily, there is a fair bit of research to help give insights into what the faster bowlers do that others don't. These include achieving their optimal run-up speed, dynamic balance through the delivery stride, the coordination between the bowling arm and front arm, the right delivery stride length and the action of the front leg. Combine that with the right strength and conditioning program and you are one express machine!


We can give you a high performance tune-up with our 'Bowl Faster' video analysis service.

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