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Bowl Faster Technique Analysis

Bowl Faster Technique Analysis

In your Bowl Faster report we'll look at the biomechanics of your run -up and delivery stride, calculate your ball speed and show you where you can gain that extra yard.


Film your bowling from the front (2 deliveries) and side (8 deliveries) in HD and sport shutter (a modern smart phone will do), send your files through and we'll do the rest. You'll have your video report within 3-5 business days.


    In this report we provide you with a statistical analyses of your 8 side view deliveries to idenitfy your personal pace generators. We measure ball speed and key biomechanical features of your action for each delivery. We then conduct a statistical analysis (variability assessment and correlation matrix) on these measures to see what changes in your technique for slower and faster deliveries. This is your own statistical pace profile which guides your ongoing skill and fitness training.


    Pace Doctor will use your supplied video to analyse your bowling action. When being filmed it is important the camera remains still and the bowler wears clothing that enables the legs, shoulders and arms to be clearly visible. Close fitting shorts and a singlet are ideal. Please ensure you download, read and follow the filming instructions here before filming the bowler.


    Before you film it is really important you read the filming guidelines. Pace Doctor can not analyse your videos for a bowling action analysis if you don't provide video of the necessary quality. This is really IMPORTANT.

    You can download the filming guidelines here.

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