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Club Quick Technique Analysis

Club Quick Technique Analysis

This analysis and report is designed specifically for junior and senior fast bowlers playing local club cricket. Its particularly suited for male or female early teenagers showing a keen interest and good skill levels. Its the great all-rounder analysing performance and injury factors. 


The analysis will take a general broad assessment of your bowling action. We'll assess your efficiency, momentum and alignment with a view to achieving more consistent speed and control.


We'll also assess whether there are any major characteristics linked to back injury (e.g. excessive counter-rotation or lateral flexion) or an illegal action. This is particularly important for young teenage bowlers as research has linked some bowling action features to lumbar spine stress fractures in adolescent years.

This analysis is also a great cost effective option for the senior club fast bowler who would like a "tune-up" of their action and get a clearer picture of their injury risks and areas to improve performance.

Film your bowling action from the front (3 deliveries) and the open side (3 deliveries) in HD and sport shutter modes (a modern smart phone will do), upload the videos through the Pace Doctor website and we'll do the rest. You'll have your Junior & Club Quick video report within 3-5 business days.


    Pace Doctor will use your supplied video to analyse your bowling action. When being filmed it is important the camera remains still and the bowler wears clothing that enables the legs, shoulders and arms to be clearly visible. Close fitting shorts and a singlet are ideal. Please ensure you download, read and follow the filming instructions here before filming the bowler.


    Before you film it is really important you read the filming guidelines. Pace Doctor can not analyse your videos for a bowling action analysis if you don't provide video of the necessary quality. This is really IMPORTANT.

    You can download the filming guidelines here.

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