HP Pack with T.A. Sekar (TAS HP Pack)
  • HP Pack with T.A. Sekar (TAS HP Pack)

    This package is for the fast bowler who wants to go all the way and leave no stone unturned. T.A. Sekar will be your personal coach and mentor for 12 months, plus you get a full technique analysis from Australian Biomechanist to guide your technical work with Shaker. This is the ultimate high performance analysis, coaching and mentoring package.


    The point of difference with this package is you get an evidence based evaluation of your technique that Shaker uses to help complement the tactical, technical and mental aspects of your fast bowling journey.


    High Performance Package Price (Asia only): ~31,800 Indian Rupees

    What you get:

    1. Club Quick Technique Analysis & Report by Dr Marc Portus

    2. Ten online sessions caoching and mentoring from T.A. Sekar over 12 months