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Illegal Action Analysis

Illegal Action Analysis

Your Illegal Action analysis will be strictly confidential, cost effective and provide you with the clarity you need. This is a great first step to get clarity on your bowling action legality, and maybe the only step you need. 


In this analysis we assess 12 deliveries, 6 deliveries of 2 different varieties. So for a pace bowler this could be a full of length delivery as the stock delivery and then your short delivery as the variation, or, for an off-spinner 6 deliveries of the stock off-spinner and 6 deliveries of a variation such as a top spinner or 'doosra'.  


Film your action from the front (6 deliveries comprising 3 stock and 3 variation) and open side (6 deliveries comprising 3 stock and 3 variation) with a video camera on a tripod with the HD and sports shutter features turned on. Upload your videos through the Pace Doctor webisite and we'll do the rest.


In your Illegal Action report we'll make an informed and evidence based judgement on your action legality and if necessary, provide strategies to fix it.

This analysis is available for spin bowlers and fast bowlers. This analysis requires close attention to the filming guidelines so please download them from the members area and read before filming the bowler.


    Pace Doctor will use your supplied video to analyse your bowling action. When being filmed it is important the camera remains still and the bowler wears clothing that enables the legs, shoulders and arms to be clearly visible. Close fitting shorts and a singlet are ideal. Please ensure you download, read and follow the filming instructions here before filming the bowler.


    Before you film it is really important you read the filming guidelines. Pace Doctor can not analyse your videos for a bowling action analysis if you don't provide video of the necessary quality. This is really IMPORTANT.

    You can download the filming guidelines here.

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