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Coaching T.A. Sekar (TAS 3 Pack)
  • Coaching T.A. Sekar (TAS 3 Pack)

    This is a great package to sort out where you are going with your fast bowling career. You'll connect with T.A. Sekar over three online Zoom sessions to discuss your fast bowling and what you need to do to take your game to the next level. The three pack will be tailored to your needs in your discussions with Shaker. 

    In your 3 monthly Zoom sessions you will discuss:

    • your goals,

    • your bowling results,

    • developing your bowling tactics for different batters/formats

    • any technical or performance issues (e.g. control, swing, economy, wicket taking).

    Price: ~11,800 Indian Rupees

    What you get: Three personal online coaching and mentoring sessions accessing the world class expertise of T.A. Sekar 

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